Thursday, 28 January 2010

The Definite Article Movie Blog

Don't you just hate it when film makers give their movies long and tiresome titles that you just can't fit it on the front of that DVDR you've just burned? Me too. This blog will celebrate those movies that show a brevity of naming that deserves our respect. None of your 'The Adventures of Pricilla Queen of the Desert' here, you'll get 'The Box' and like it.

All films reviewed will have two word titles the first of which must be 'The'. No sequels like 'The Fly 2' are allowed and no foreign stuff unless the the generally accepted translation is 'The Caterpillar' or something like that.

Our previous quest, which is still running incidentally, catalogued and critiqued over 160 movies that started with a 'W' and we'll hope to top that by Christmas 2025. Any suggested viewing or comments on the comments are of course welcome. We'll start soon, so clear those diaries and prepare for an onslaught of the ''THE' movie blog', that the world could possibly do without.

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